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Teamwork is Important to Us

Successful teamwork between parents and educators is important to us because it reflects on the child’s development.
That’s why we have a culture of teamwork at Education Express. There is constant interaction between parents and educators as we plan excursions, common activities, and parties.

Our current parent-teacher projects:

  • “Reading Hour” workgroup

    The parents of children of all ages read a story to the classroom.
  • Organization of “Father-Child Day”

    Once a year, Education Express hosts a Father-Child Day event. The day’s activities are planned by our educators and members of the parent working group.
  • Room Parent
Each month we ask 4 parents to become honorary room parents to spend an hour each week inside the classroom to assist in art projects, music class, etc.  The parents act as a teacher’s aide and get to interact with their child and classmates. 

We're always grateful for support above and beyond the call of duty.

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